Saturday, 23 October 2010

Wake up your Website this Week

Here are the top Five Things I recommend you to do this week to Wake up your Website!

Make a change on your Home Page - doesn't really matter what it is (although preferably you'll do some keyword research first), but updating has to be the name of the game. Do something, tweak something, to make it look slightly different. You'll want to be doing this all year round but this week it's really important to make your visitors and customer sit up and say 'hey, what's been going on here?'. You'll be amazed the difference a small change can make.

SEO - Check your Home Page Title Tag and Description - Whatever you may think, SEO is not a dark art, and I'll be writing much more about this this year, and the merchants who try to make you think that it is so that you can send all your hard earned cash their way so they can write about your products badly. This certainly doesn't apply to all of them, but certainly some of them, and apologies to the great ones who you, like I, probably cannot afford.

SEO is about matching what browsers and potential customers are looking for online so that they can find you easily. Us the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to search for the key words and phrases that you need and then make sure that they're set up properly in your Title Tag area. Then write a small ad to highlight these.

If you can't get at them because of the way your site is set up, or you don't really know what to do, contact me at and I'll help you get started.

Email your newsletter base - you may not get a huge response straight away, but put together an email about something interesting that's going on on your website and tell the world, wake up your customers and subscribers to the fact that you're still very much alive and kicking and you're going to be keeping in touch.

Create an Offer on your Site - This may be the way to change your home page or something to run as well. Do something now to excite and interest and include the details on your home page and in your newsletter. The whole world's on sale right now so be sure you make it an interesting one or you'll just go into the pot.

Set up your Fan Page on Facebook and your profile on Twitter - You may think that Facebook and Twitter are not for you or not for your customer base but you'd be wrong. If social media marketing exploded last year it is going to grow even faster in 2010, and to not get on the viral marketing bandwagon would be a huge mistake. The world is out there waiting to hear from you and about you, and whereas in the past you had to spend loads of dosh on advertising and marketing now you don't. You just have to put in the time.

Facebook and Twitter are free - there are loads of apps and tools you can use to enhance what you do and if you're not there now, you need to do this right away because otherwise you'll get left behind. As someone who joined Twitter and Facebook ('s Fan Page) a while back now, I am totally converted. So should you be.

If you want to contact me about any of the above please send me an email at

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