Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Writing Great Title Tags – How Important is Keyword Research

The whole point of keyword research  and having the right title tags is so that you can be found in natural search on the basis that your website clearly offers what people are searching for, with the emphasis on ‘clearly’. 

You can throw as much money as you want on Adwords and get to the top of the page every time, but think how much better it would be if you got near or to the top of the page without spending all that money.  With some time and effort analysing what people are looking for via a keyword tool and matching the results with those exact searches on your website you can get there and not spend a dime.  Or you may choose to do both.

As to which keyword tool you should use I always use Google’s keyword tool – there are others of course, and if you’re digging deep for long tail keywords then an aggregate may well be helpful, initially I suggest you stick to Google.

Your HTML page titles are your starting point for SEO, and therefore the most important thing to get right first.  They need to be short enough to display in full and they need to contain the two or three key words or phrases most relevant to your business and the specific landing page, plus your company name.

For which ever page you are optimising you are aiming to appear on the first page in search, preferably in the top three spots which get by far the highest number of clicks.  Think of something you would like to search for, put it into the search box and then scan the results.  What do you look at and how long do you spend.  Did you go past the first page?  I suspect not.  Do not try and use phrases that are too generic in your title tags, you are likely to encounter far more competition

It is obviously harder, bearing in mind the competition, to get to the first page, however with enough keyword research and concentrating on phrases relevant to your business and your customer you should be able to get there.

SEO is important to every website.  It’s the difference between being invisible or easily visible to the people who you want to be able to see you.  It’s very much worth spending time on, and, if you employ anyone else to do it, making sure that you understand what they are doing and that they understand your business.  It is not rocket science, though many SEO agencies would have you believe that it is.

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