Monday, 8 November 2010

How Not to Sell Online………………………….

I wrote earlier today at, about the Juicy Couture Tracksuit, Hermes Kelly and Cartier Tank.....................sort of. And guess what? When I went to link to some beautifully and luxuriously branded (!) pages so that everyone could visualise what I was talking about - as if they didn't know already - I confirmed what I already suspected. That it was impossible without a major struggle. And I simply didn't have the time.

Cartier deigns to sell online in the US and Chanel does not, anywhere. Ok so what's new? Louis Vuitton has a very beautiful website and does sell online but try to link to a page? You can't on any of them because these are all FLASH websites and I dislike flash intensely. But then I would because I'm an impatient functionality girl and I want to be taken to the product fast. At least at Louis Vuitton you can get up close and personal to the handbags and order online.

All of these websites are beautifully photographed, fantastically (in some cases over) designed and too clever for words but one thing they, other than Vuitton, are not designed to do is sell, and surely by now brilliant online retailers such as Net-a-Porter have proved that we are waiting, willing and able to spend oodles of dosh online?

It is far too late to start saying that 'people need to touch and feel' or 'our luxury products are just too special to sell online'. We know for a fact that is no longer the case and that if you have a great product and an easy to shop from website there are those out there who will spend spend spend. There will be fewer and fewer browsers who will be willing to wait for a flash site to load no matter how beautiful (as flash sites take so much longer), they will be rushing off to Tiffany, or Net-a-Porter where they can spend as much as they want and calm down.

The web is not a patient place. We are becoming more and more used to instant gratification. If I want that taupe leather Balenciaga handbag, or Alexander McQueen dress, I can, provided it's in stock, almost certainly have it tomorrow.

And that is what the web is about, with the best websites offering extremely well designed, easy places to shop that tempt us to part with our cash with ease and never keep us waiting, wherever they are in the world. We can get so close to the products we can practically touch them and we can shop quickly and easily at any time of day or night. And we do. I hope and suspect that the day of the over-endowed flash website is coming to an end and that all major brands, luxury or otherwise, will be offering their products globally online soon.

What? Do I hear that you actually don't want the extra sales?......................scratches head in bemusement. Oh well....................................................................

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