Wednesday, 10 November 2010

SEO Tips–Three Ways to Optimise your Home Page Content in time for Christmas

chris colour for home pageI’ve written quite a bit about Title and Meta Tags, with your Title Tag being the first place you start in optimising your website for natural search.  All the links to those posts and any other relative to this one are below.

Your home page is the most important and powerful page on your website.  You may have dozens of other landing pages that bring conversions, but the majority of your traffic is going to start on your home page.  It makes sense to get that right first.

It actually doesn’t matter what time of year it is – your home page content is key to bringing people to your site with natural search and there are three fundamentals.

Keyword Research;  This is your first step and there is no quick fix.  You almost certainly know your business better than anyone else so don’t hand this over to a junior please.  With just a little time and knowledge of how to use the Google Keyword Tool (the one I use – there are others) you can identify the key words and phrases which are most relevant to your business, which are being searched for, and where there is space for more competition. Hopefully you have done this already.

Offer intelligent, friendly, keyword rich content; There are a lot of small to medium (and large) sized online retailers who have quite simply not bothered enough with good content.  It’s time to get going.  A vast amount of business will be done online this Christmas - £6.4 billion according to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index – make sure that at least some of it comes your way.

You have a business, you have great products, you need to tell the world about them in a way that it attractive to look at and interesting to read.  If you are a household name ok……you can do away with some of the extra words.  If you’re not, you have just a few seconds to get your visitors interested.  Are they going to find what they’re looking for on your website?  How will they know?  How quickly can you attract them?  Clear keyword-rich headings and words plus good pictures tell the story every time and you need both.  Your keywords are not just for your title tags.

Make your home page come alive by featuring optimised images of your best sellers and and linking through to them.  The most likely things to capture attention are the items that are your best sellers so feature them on your home page.  Google will not see your pictures, but will be able to crawl your image description, the alt text and your image caption. 

Make sure you’ve done your keyword research for the items you’re featuring so that your content will be relevant.  Also make sure your images are high quality.  Poor images = fewer clicks.

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