Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Twitter Tips - Why your Twitter Bio Matters So Much

I was talking to someone earlier today who had very few followers on Twitter (no names, sorry) and when I had a look at her bio I completely understood why - it was a joke; literally.

Twitter, and apologies for repeating myself, is all about the conversation, and whether you're engaging with discussions with other Twitterers, useful information, links to your blog, links to relevant news or just what you happen to be doing at any given moment people will decide to read about you/follow you on the strength of your bio as well as what you say.

Your bio on Twitter needs to be short, preferably amusing, to the point and tell people about you. Mine reads:

Author, blogger, fashion & lifestyle web directory md, online consultant.  Glamour, music and travel lover.  1 husband, 3 kids, 3 dogs.

Which is pretty well all you need to know about me to start with.

Take a look at your bio and use the space you have to let people know who you are, or believe me they're unlikely to want to talk to you. I won't, anyway. And if you're in doubt about what to write contact me at and I may well try and help, unless I'm on a plane, that is.

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