Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Services–Where Have you Hidden Yours?

Matches Fashion Christmas Page










Sometimes I wonder what kind of business online retailers think they are in, in that they hid so many of their good conversion messages and information deep within the buying process……such as; ‘yes we do gift wrap’, but we’re only going to tell you about it when you get to checkout, and; ‘yes you can have your order delivered by courier to Holland’ but again, we’ll tell you about it later.

Matches Home Page Christmas

It was with not a lot of surprise that I discovered Matches Christmas Services page today – after all, they’ve been at this game for quite a while, however they deserved a special mention as this year they’ve surpassed what they’ve done before and not only linked all their services to their home page, but also created a special Christmas at Matches page offering everything at a glance, and enticingly so as well.

This one is well worth checking out and making a note of, you probably haven’t left it too late this year, but just in case you don’t have the time to change anything right now, remember it for next.  You’ll find it here, in any case, just to remind you…………….

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