Monday, 6 December 2010

What’s in a Name?…………The Importance of a Relevant URL

Chris Colour for Online Fashion BusinessYou may think this isn’t the time of year to be thinking about this – everyone’s so busy with Christmas, however with the sheer volume of online sales expected this year there will be plenty of wannabe online retailers out there thinking (belatedly) hmmmmm….. it’s really time I went online.

Obviously if you’re already well known you are going to stick to your brand name and I hope you secured the domain a while back otherwise you’ll probably find it’s been taken by a.n.other which would be infuriating as it will cost good money to get it back…..if you can.

Otherwise you need to have a name that is relevant to your product or service, is not so generic (no matter how clever you think you are) that search will not work properly for you and the more relevant and unique it is to your product or service the better it will be. I have three, for my website and my blogs, which are, and and whilst not perfect you may well say, you have a rough idea what they are about before you decide to click.

So if it’s right now that you are considering going online keep the words ‘relevant’ and ‘SEO’ in mind. There are so many seriously bad, not thought-through URLs out there. Please don’t add to the list……………

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