Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Trashing the Typos


Chris colour for facebookHaving proof-read seven books and numerous features and thinking I was ‘above all that’ I sent a piece off to the US between Christmas and New Year.  Typed in haste I’ll admit, but it should have had ‘DRAFT’ written all over it as there were no less than three horrors lurking within the three or so pages.  These were not met with amusement.  I apologised, re edited and rectified while muttering the words ‘picky, difficult, perfectionist’ under my breath.  And by the way writing this is ok.  I said that I would.

Which brings me back to what I really want to say – that you cannot be too careful.  Whatever you are writing, however long or short, for website, letter, resume or blog you need to check, check and re-check and if possible get someone else to check as well.  You never know if typos are the particular bugbear of the person you are writing to or for and you don’t want to be on the receiving end if they are.  Which, let’s face it, they should be.  You may go straight into the trash.

Because the urge to click on ‘send’ is so strong and we all ‘message’ so fast, if you have one business resolution this year it should probably be, as it is now in my case, to slow down and get it right, rather than think it doesn’t matter.  Trust me;  it does.

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