Thursday, 3 February 2011

SEO Tips–Optimising your Website–First do your Keyword Research


Chris colour wider for home page2There’s no shortcut to good keyword research and the more landing pages you have the more you need to do.  Someone said to me yesterday ‘I guessed what people would want to find here’…….well guessing will get you nowhere fast.  I liken it to standing in a cupboard with the door shut, as opposed to arms outstretched in the light shouting ‘here I am’.  The number of websites with closed doors is astounding.

There are, of course, a number of large companies who will do your research for you, but a) they are likely to be very expensive and b) do they really know your business, or is that hyper intelligent sales person going to hand you over to a junior to do the research on your website who really doesn’t understand your customer, your product and how to marry the two together?

Your keyword research will provide you with invaluable information about who is searching for what and then allow you to optimise your site for the search engines, and there are two places to get results from.  The first is your competitors’ websites – ie what keywords are they using and how much competition is there for them?  Secondly (and there’s no short cut to this) you need to use a keyword tool and trawl for gold – those words and phrases that are being searched for by a high number of people and where there is less competition (again).  This can take you a while, but it’s worth doing for every page on your website.  Start with your home page and go on from there.

Don’t think that finding out what keywords your competitors are using will provide you with all the answers, it won’t, but it will give you very useful information which you can then add into the mix when you use your keyword tool.  I use the Google Keyword Tool – it’s free and easy to use and will show you everything you need to know. 

Then you can start to create your title tags, descriptions, headers and copy. 

First do your keyword research.

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This is the first in a series:  The next post will be ‘SEO Tips – Writing your Title Tags’.  Please follow this blog to make sure that you receive it.

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