Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Social Media Marketing–Developing the Strands

Social Media Marketing is now here to stay and growing like Topsy.  It’s a way to get your voice heard, your business discussed and to develop new contacts.  Combine the power of Facebook and Twitter (as starters) with LinkedIn, blogs and a strong email marketing campaign and you have so many more ways of reaching your market than you did a couple of years ago.

There are many online retailers who haven’t yet embraced this free resource, or they’ve done it badly, for two reasons.  Firstly because they’re not sure how to go about it properly, and secondly because the time investment needed to firstly set up and then manage social media marketing strands is considerable, without a doubt.
However the benefits are well worth the effort.  Social media creates a clear path to any message you may want to send, it will get more traffic to your website, inform prospective customers about your products, instantly announce promotions and offers and, quite simply, get you talked about.
Selfridges has over 68,000 fans following their Facebook Page, a whopping 315,000 (are we surprised) – they may take a little while to catch up with, however you don’t have to be huge to succeed here, you just have to establish your ‘voice’ and work hard at it.

Be interesting, friendly and informative and you stand a good chance of getting a much larger audience to your business than you ever could before.  With Facebook alone having 30m users in the UK and Twitter averaging 140m tweets per day, how can you afford to not let your voice be heard.

Patricia Davidson offers a Social Media Service enabling you launch your social media campaign and blog in a way that from the first is totally relevant to your brand and at the same time attractive and interesting to your customers. 

At that point you can either choose to manage the campaign yourself or not.  For further details please contact or call 07734 872322
You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Glamoursleuth and of course at where you can sign up for our email newsletters.

Come and join me and let’s get the conversation going.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Trust Building for Retailers - IMRG e-Commerce Awards


IMRG Awards Logo for Home PageOne of the most popular ways of demonstrating that you are a trustworthy online retailer is to display an award (or several, preferably) on your website. 

Having said that there are only a few that really count, and the IMRG e-Commerce Awards is probably the most important.

IMRG is the industry association for e-retail in the UK, providing expert analysis and statistics and best practise guidelines to their members and the press together with online experience resources including mobile commerce and digital TV.

IMRG also owns the ISIS (Internet Selling is Safe) and IDIS (Internet Delivery is Safe) badges, giving retailers the opportunity to become accredited and show that they have registered and been verified by IMRG. ISIS-Accredited retailers now account for approximately two thirds of all UK online shopping, so if you don’t yet have this accreditation you should apply.  There’s a special offer for ISIS applications in the Retailer’s Section at  Please scroll down as the offer is at the foot of the page.

The IMRG e-Commerce Awards take place each year and there are quite a few categories, including Best Multi-Channel Retailer, Best Small Online Retailer, Best Customer Service Award, and Best Use of Social Media.  There are 18 Awards in total.

If you would like more information about where to sign up for ISIS, or the IMRG e-Commerce Awards please contact Paul Evans,  As soon as there is a form where  you can sign up I’ll attach the link to this post.  You can also ask me if you have a query at

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Articles - How to Turn Your Readers Off. If You’re Writing Something–Read it First Please


It’s impossible to keep up with the vast number of interesting articles for which links are posted on Twitter, LinkedIn or elsewhere.  This morning I clicked through to an online marketing piece that had an interesting header. 

Whoever had written it may have had something useful to say – actually I have no idea, as the piece was filled with bad grammar, poor spelling and numerous other typos.  The overall message is, in this kind of case ‘read this if you want, we don’t really give a damn’.

Articles abound on the web, many of them extremely helpful and on just about any subject you can think of.  Gone are the days when you needed to buy the book or read the printed magazine.  Everything is available online.  Unfortunately there are those out there who are producing pieces simply for SEO purposes without paying any attention to the quality of the actual content.  This just litters the web with annoying, time-wasting rubbish.

So the next time you’re thinking of writing an article or feature please handle it with care, write with attention, read through more than once and if you think your grammar or spelling is not quite up to it either leave the writing to others or get someone else to proof-read for you.  Credibility is destroyed in just a few seconds and very hard to get back.

I’m now going to spend just a few moments proof-reading this with the thought in my mind about people and glass houses and stones.  Let me know if you find anything please…………………………..

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Roots–Canadian Lifestyle Brand Shipping to you Right Now

Several years ago when I was lucky enough to be skiing in Whistler (well the kids were skiing and I was more drifting downhill slowly) I came across Roots, and from then on had a big problem keeping the daughter out of the well designed and all-too-easy-to-browse store. 

Roots was established in 1973 in Toronto and now has over 120 stores in Canada and the US and specialises in premium quality leather goods (particularly leather bags and leather jackets), classic casualwear and accessories such as laptop and iPad covers and backpacks.  Don’t expect to find the latest in high fashion here, that’s not what Roots is about, but do expect to find very good value for the quality (even when you add on shipping and duty) and a timeless modern/classic look.

This is a very good website to browse (and an example to many) where you can see all the products very clearly and get so close up you almost want to put your hand out and touch.  The pity is that the website doesn’t reflect the vibrancy of the stores, with wooden tables and products piled high.  Without a doubt the strongest part of this collection is the bags (not surprisingly), where there are several views of each – now essential to online retail.

roots bag roots boot roots cardigan roots scarfroots red bag  roots black bag