Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Roots–Canadian Lifestyle Brand Shipping to you Right Now

Several years ago when I was lucky enough to be skiing in Whistler (well the kids were skiing and I was more drifting downhill slowly) I came across Roots, and from then on had a big problem keeping the daughter out of the well designed and all-too-easy-to-browse store. 

Roots was established in 1973 in Toronto and now has over 120 stores in Canada and the US and specialises in premium quality leather goods (particularly leather bags and leather jackets), classic casualwear and accessories such as laptop and iPad covers and backpacks.  Don’t expect to find the latest in high fashion here, that’s not what Roots is about, but do expect to find very good value for the quality (even when you add on shipping and duty) and a timeless modern/classic look.

This is a very good website to browse (and an example to many) where you can see all the products very clearly and get so close up you almost want to put your hand out and touch.  The pity is that the website doesn’t reflect the vibrancy of the stores, with wooden tables and products piled high.  Without a doubt the strongest part of this collection is the bags (not surprisingly), where there are several views of each – now essential to online retail.

roots bag roots boot roots cardigan roots scarfroots red bag  roots black bag

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