Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Twitter Tips: Three great little Twitter Apps to help you get more Twitter Followers


It seems that everyone is on Twitter, apart from those die hard sceptics I bump into occasionally who can just about to keep up with email and simply don’t get Twitter and social media in general.  For those who have embraced Twitter there are in my opinion three main reasons for using it.

To post interesting content – whether blogs, articles and/or news.
To join in conversations
To upsell your business

This last is a bit of a thorny one but let’s face it, if you’re on Twitter and you’re running an online business you are going to use it to broadcast your products, offers and general business news.  Most importantly business upselling should not take over from the first two above as those are what Twitter is all about.

Having joined Twitter, started to gain followers and responses it’s always interesting to find out what makes people tick.  Why do they follow you?  Why and when do you lose followers?  What is the best time of day to tweet if you want the greatest response and, though not essential, what your Twitter standing is?

Here are three useful apps that will give you all of this information.  Be warned, these can become very addictive.

tweet effect

Tweet Effect will tell you in a flash which of your tweets gained or lost you followers.  And it’s free!

14 blocks

14 blocks will tell you the best time of day to tweet, when your likely greatest number of followers is online, every day of the week.  You can then schedule your tweets to go out in advance, using 14 blocks (for a small fee) or alternatively Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, one of which you’re probably using already.


Klout’s mission is to help you understand your online influence, measure it and see whether you’re going up or down plus how others are influenced by what you have to say.  It’s interesting, when combined with Tweet Effect, particularly if you’re after more followers, your score is on the decline and you want to find out what is turning followers away.

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