Friday, 9 September 2011

The Importance of More than One Product View

As online conversion rates fall and we become a nation of researchers rather than destination shoppers, it becomes more and more important that every trick in the book is used when it comes to getting the ‘researcher’ to commit.

Don’t think that because you’re in fashion, or jewellery, or electricals, that this doesn’t apply to you… applies to anyone selling products online.  It’s quite simple, show one product view and you have much less of a chance of getting the ‘buy’ button clicked than when you show three or four, particularly if you have a competitor just a click away who offers several clear pictures, back, front and sideways, whichever is applicable to the product.
Take handbags for example.  To get me to buy a handbag online I would want to see it front and back, what the base looks like and how large it is in relation to a person.  I want to see (not read) what it’s lined in and how it looks inside.  I may read how many pockets it has and the dimensions, but I’ll be making my mind up far faster from the pictures.  And I’m not alone.

Take this Balenciaga handbag at Net-a-Porter.  Would you really spend that much money from just the one picture?  Or would you have a good look at all the product views.  There’s no fudging the issue here – you need to invest in more views or you will lose business.
The same applies to pretty well all products – the more we see the more we’re likely to stop, look, read and order, provided the price is competitive.   Combine clear pictures and multi views with zoom and the right price (and video where applicable) and the order is much more likely to be yours. 

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