Sunday, 30 October 2011

Affiliate Marketing Tips–What your Banners Say About You

This morning I decided to review as many as possible of the affiliate marketing banners at  One major fashion multi-channel retailer, because of the quality of their banners, slipped off the home page and into nowheresville.  In a second.

The whole point of affiliate marketing is that you get yourself advertised on other people’s websites and pay commission when browsers click through and buy your products.  This is no different to any other type of advertising – you’re standing there saying ‘here I am…….buy me’. 

So it is astonishing that some e-retailers (and I’m not talking small here) cannot be bothered to present themselves in a way that is attractive and attention grabbing enough to make a) Affiliate marketeers such as myself want to promote them and b) potential customers tempted to click through.

Brand definition is key whoever you are and whatever your target market is.  If you are a classy, upscale, luxury product brand you have to promote yourself in that way always and everywhere.  Where affiliate marketing is concerned you also have to give enough choice to your chosen advertisers so that you know they are likely to pick one of your ads/banners.  Simple enough, surely?  Apparently not…………….

I believe, and I have said this before, that those running affiliate programs for their merchants are not giving them enough advice in this area.  There are many online retailers out there who need more.  Just ask, please.

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