Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Deliveries–How Clear Are You?

Some of the busiest Christmas shopping days are still coming up, with online retailers sending out newsletter after newsletter informing their subscribers that there’s still time to order before Christmas.  But hit the website and it’s not clear.  Why not?

I’m astonished at how many sites I look at right now that are not announcing loudly that there’s still time for customers to place orders.  Maybe you’ve already closed for Christmas orders, and I know some who have had to due to the sheer volume they’ve already received, however if you still want those orders you need to announce as clearly as possible on your home page when your Christmas delivery dates are.

Christmas Delivery Dates

At this time everyone’s in a hurry, and no one wants to a) search for your Christmas delivery information b) even worse, call you up.  They’ll simply go away and buy somewhere else, where the information is crystal clear.

To carry on selling up to the last moment make your Christmas delivery dates obvious.  Right now.  Or wonder why everyone else is selling and you’re not.

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