Friday, 20 January 2012

Email Marketing–How Often is Too Often?

You know the feeling, you open up your inbox and there are hundreds of emails, promoting products you’re not interested in, from people you’re certain you never signed up to, telling you things you don’t want to know and offering discounts on products you never use.  The good thing is you can unsubscribe.  The bad thing is it takes a lot of time.

When you’re creating your email marketing campaign think of how you feel when an unsolicited/unwanted email drops into your inbox and then think what you can to to provide information that is going to be irresistible and that people are going to want to read.

When I’m setting up email campaigns for retailers I try and explain that the info-email is just not enough to achieve what they want, no matter how wonderful they believe their products or service to be.  There has to be a hook, whether it’s to do with something new or an offer.  The newsletter/email has to contain relevancy, appropriate humour, a voice that people are going to want to listen to and not an information overload.

As to how often is too often?  That depends on your product, the size of your mailing list and your analytics – you can see straight away when people start to drop off.

However – these are indisputable rules;

Write great headlines that have instant impact – you only have a couple of seconds to get someone’s attention.

Keep your message clear and simple

Know your demographic and write straight to it.

Imagine you’re going to be receiving your newsletter – would you open it?  If not bin it and start over.

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