Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to Update your Online Profile

Whether you’re involved on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ – all four and more, keeping your online profile specific, relevant and updated is an urgent task that frequently falls by the wayside.

With any online medium the most important thing is to analyse why you’re there and focus on who you want to talk to, then make sure that you’re putting the message across as clearly as possible. 

If you want to be successful online in any respect, you need to constantly update your online profile from your picture to your bio and general information.  It’s too easy to go for months without updating your profile – and I’m guilty of this as well – when you may have made major changes in what you’re doing and what you aspire to achieve.

The answer is to take each of your online profiles individually and ask yourself the following questions for each:

Is my picture up to date, and if a new potential connection looked at it would they be able to identify with me?

Is my bio short and to the point?  Does it say who I am?  Does it engage?

Is the information about me or my business current, clear and interesting?

Are all the contact details correct as of today?

Would I want to engage with me if I came across my page?
This last is probably the most vital.  Take a look at your online presence wherever it is, stand back and ask yourself – ‘would I join in the conversation if I arrived here?’.  If the answer is no, get updating, fast.

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