Saturday, 4 February 2012

Christmas is Over–Rule No 1 for Keeping your Website up-to-date

I landed on a web page today, about a retailer’s gift wrapping service, which was also all about Christmas.  Christmas being so last year – and New Year’s Eve for that matter – it reminded me of the number of online retailers who don’t check their websites right at the start of the new year to make sure that any mention of those two festivities are totally eradicated, particularly in relation to gift wrapping and also deliveries.

Not updating your website, to existing customers and new potential customers alike, makes your site look not only out of date, but as if you can’t be bothered to update it.  We all know that this is in most cases a function of being busy/away/doing something totally different, but it’s one for the calendar: as in ‘Jan 2 remove all mentions of Christmas and NY’.  Nothing makes a site look as out dated as old information.

Just in case the words ‘glasshouses’ and ‘stones’ come to mind I have checked my website at – but if anyone finds anything please let me know, and I’ll return the compliment.

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