Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Writing Great Email Headlines–3 Rules You Need to Know

The decider in whether people will open your emails/newsletters or not is quite simple.  It’s all in the headline. Get them at hello and they’re more likely to read what you have to say, more likely to click through and more likely to convert.

Firstly it must be obvious that the email is from you, and that you are a trusted source, so identify yourself clearly in the ‘from’ area.

Highlight the most important information or reason to read in your email and put it at the front.  Make it obvious in as few words as possible that what you’re writing about will be unique, interesting and relevant to your readers.

Create urgency within your headlines – make your readers instantly aware that if they don’t take quick action they will lose out, particularly with offers and discounts.  Make them time limited and concisely incorporate this information in your headline.

Make writing your subject line the most important part of creating your email – never leave until last, it matters more than any other part of your email.  It will be the decider of your results.  Give it a great deal of thought and speak to your audience in a tone they will understand as being commensurate with your brand and what they expect from you.

It’s always a good idea to analyse which emails have produced the best results for you in the past, and work out why.  If you can, test different headlines with the same subject matter to get a good idea of which work the best.

Talk to your customers, understand what they expect from you give it to them with a call to action every time.

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