Thursday, 9 February 2012

Your Website Pictures–3 Rules to Let Your Customers Get Up Close and Personal

Timberland Boots from ZapposOne of the problems here is the way that website photography has moved so far in the direction of those with a larger budget, increasing the divide between the smaller and bigger online retailer.  The use of video, zoom, 360 spin and a wide variety of images have now become the norm, and those that do not play follow my leader will eventually lose out on conversion.

Having said that there are still some very large online retailers not doing everything they should be with their photography.  A wide range is no excuse.  It is essential to know what the best practices are, and do as much as you can to move towards them even if this is over time.

I’m sure I can hear a few groans, but there’s no doubt, with the way that online retail is growing and the amount of competition, that if you do not move towards these rules you will fall back. 

There are better and better studio systems for taking your own pictures which is by far the best option if you have a constantly changing range and it puts you totally in control of your offer. 

Make sure, if you are considering a re-design, that the above features (zoom, video, multi images etc) are available as standard.

These are the essentials.

1.      Picture Quality.  You photographs need to all be taken on the same background, be the same size and be absolutely clear.  The day of the poor quality photograph driving sales is gone forever.

2.      Zoom.  This needs to be as large as possible.  There are still a large number of websites where the zoom facility increases the original by very little.  This will be dependant on the size of the image uploaded in the first place.  It is well worth while making sure that your images are large enough initially to allow zoom to get your customers really close.  Or work towards this with new uploads.

3.      Varied views.  Zappos from the US (above) show us exactly how it should be done.  There’s is no question that the old front and back, or even worse, single shot, simply won’t do it any more, because your customers, now more used to buying online, want to see every single detail of their chosen product.  At the very least offer three views of each product. 

Let your customers get up close and personal and watch your conversions rise…………

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