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Website Usability–Five Rules for Getting Products Off the Page and into the Basket

The easier you make it for visitors to your website to buy your products the more likely you’re going to get sales.  Ok that may seem very obvious, but probably without realising it there will be websites you visit that you frequently buy from and others you leave quite quickly without analysing why.

With online shopping via pc, laptop, tablet or mobile device the rules are the same.  You have to grab the customer’s attention, draw their eye to the product, make them look at it more closely and give them a reason to want it more.  In other words, feed their desire. 

e-Retail sales grew 16% year-on-year in January, with Britons spending an estimated £5.96bn shopping online (IMRG) so there’s no excuse for you not to be getting your share of the pie…….or is there?

To build customer’s desire for your products you need to do the following:
Main Image

Needs to be reasonably sized on the page and in clear, high quality, so that the eye is instantly drawn to it.
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Should be interesting and concise – no one will read wordy descriptions no matter how much you like to write them, what customers are looking for is any necessary information written in a friendly style.  If you have more than one description area segment them into headed paragraphs, tabs or bullet points.

Alternative Views

These are becoming more and more important – a single image just will not do any more.  Give as many views as are needed to show the product in full and in detail.  Never think ‘oh they’ll know what it looks like from the back’……show it.


Needs to be as large as you can make it, to give the customer that feeling that they can get right up close.  You must have heard, as I have heard so many times ‘but I like to get up close and touch and feel things before I buy’, well now, even online, you virtually can with expanded zoom.

Customer Reviews

The minute you start showing what your customers think of your products you strengthen your sales pitch.  It’s not just you selling and marketing your products, your customer are giving you incredibly valuable back-up, which in turn via social share plug-ins gives you added both credibility and reach.

There’s no doubt that independent product reviews are the best, where a customer has to have purchased a specific product in order to be able to review it on your website.  However not everyone is ready to go down that route, and publishing simple customer reviews will still make a big difference. 

Gone are the days when potential customers were happy just to hear what you had to say about your products and service.   Now they want to hear what other customers have to say and this ‘want’ is going to grow. 

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