Thursday, 8 March 2012

Will Pinterest Have an Effect on Website Product Photography?

Milly Dress from net-a-porterWhilst we’re all busy pinning like crazy, things that reflect our brand, items we’d like to buy/eat/wear and places we’d like to travel to what becomes obvious is that pictures most likely to make you friends, get you likes, re-pins and new followers are those that are clear and well styled.

Flash is tricky as Pinterest cannot see pictures on a flash page although you can pick them up with a bit of hassle (but many may not know or may not bother), so maybe it’s time to move on from there. 

Scruffy limp pictures of anything from even perfectly nice clothes to beauty products, homewares and food are serious no-nos.  So for those who don’t pay enough attention to their photography but would like the brand take-up that Pinterest increasingly offers it’s time to wake up dear and yes that means you.  Anyone, in fact, who’s online.

The best websites for fashion pinning have both still life and model shots, with the model being ‘undeterminable’ in a way that doesn’t put anyone off.  Inevitably leads the way – and yes I know must spend a fortune on it – but that doesn’t mean you can’t aspire and take note from the way in which items are pictured, doecupcakess it?

Otherwise from cupcakes to swimwear to sunglasses clear pictures with consistently good focus and good colour balance.  That’s all.

With the growth of Pinterest it may well be that particularly e-commerce websites are encouraged to do all they can to get pinned.  I very much hope so, anyway.
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