Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Your Facebook Password and Your Privacy

When you first set up your profile on Facebook, interacted with friends, said a lot of things you probably wished you hadn’t later and published photos you definitely didn’t intend your grandmother to see, you never anticipated the likelihood of being asked for your Facebook login at a job interview.

This is a stirring storm that is going to get bigger unless it is stamped on quickly, and there’s no doubt that the ramifications are far greater than anyone has considered so far.

There are ways of employers viewing your Facebook profile, particularly if you’re not over careful about who you ‘friend’, but is this honest?  Aren’t there better ways of finding out about you?  Having said that, you need to read this article in Forbes, ‘A recent survey by PR network by Eurocom Worldwide of the tech industry found that almost one in five executives said that a candidate’s social media profile has caused them not to hire that person.’

In answer to the question should you hand over your Facebook password to an employer, I believe that the answer has to be no.  I also believe that employers should not ask. 

You should have an honest profile and up to date resume on LinkedIn.  You should have written references that can be backed up by verbal ones from verifiable sources.  There are plenty of other ways of ensuring that you are right for a job other than scurrying around your profile on Facebook.

At the same time you should be very careful what you publish on Facebook, or anywhere else on the web for that matter. And if you haven’t gone back for a while and checked what’s there you should do so right now.  Don’t assume anything can’t be found, it probably can.  Those who don’t do this will without a doubt live to regret it later.

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