Thursday, 12 April 2012

5 Tips to Creating Great Content

If you want to rank anywhere near the top in Google search, let alone get people to buy from you, you need to provide content on your website that is unique, relevant and well written, as well as friendly, interesting, informative and sales-generating.  No don’t groan….

It’s a fact that not everyone likes to put pen to paper, to coin an old-fashioned term, and not everyone has a voice that translates well into print or screen, however with Google’s increasing emphasis on high quality content as opposed to basic old fashioned SEO if content writing is not up your street you need to find someone who can write for you.  Fast.

If you need to create your own content here are five important tips

1.  Don’t write long wordy paragraphs.  Not only will the relevance of your text be diminished, but people will not want to read them.  Break up text with short, readable sentences and paragraphs and they’re far more likely to be read.

2.  Make points and create lists with bullet points when you want to highlight information.  These are easily scanned and again, more likely to be read.

3.  Copy check, copy check, copy check and then get someone else to check what you’ve written.  Having written several books, copy checked them myself, had my editor copy check as well and still found mistakes which make me want to duck I know only too well the importance of getting rid of typos.  They make your work look unprofessional and, by the way, Google doesn’t think much of them either.

4.  Regularly update your content.  Static content becomes boring and out of date very quickly to both search engines and readers alike.  Even if your updates and changes are small, make sure that you keep it up.

5.  Never use duplicated content from other websites and never ‘spin’ your articles.  You will do far better with high quality, relevant, unique content than any other.  Shortcuts are quite simply counter-productive.

Content is king.  Period.  Great content will get you high up in the search rankings, visited, read and paid attention to.  Anything else is quite simply a waste of time. 

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