Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Product on the Web–How to Shift it off the Shelf

I looked yesterday at the same products on two different websites, both of long provenance, one multi-channel and the other web only, and wondered why the web only store had got its product category pages so wrong, making me want to click away immediately (too many products on the page – small photos).

The important thing here to realise is that you only have a very few seconds to get the attention of a visitor to your website, forget if they’ve come to you because you’re at the top of search, paid for or otherwise, forget that you have the very product they’re looking for.  If you don’t display your products in a way which is instantly enticing you’re likely to see them go.

kabiri jewelleryThe answer is quite simple, and it’s the reason why more and more websites display ‘quick buy’ buttons, enabling your to order your chosen product off the category web page, rather than the individual product page.

Yes, that’s right, product category and sub category pages have become selling pages in their own right, by virtue of clear, large photographic images and cut down information.

You need to review your category pages and make sure of the following:

That you’re not trying to display too many products across – three seems to be the perfect number.

That each product image is a sales tool in its own right – sharp, clear, and same size within the frame to all the sister products on the page.  A mix of sizes, views, skews, stills and model shots can look very messy.
Kabiri trend earrings
There should be concise information about the product including the price on the category page.

An invitation to ‘add to bag’ or ‘buy now’ without going through to the individual product detail page and leading straight to the checkout.

There’s no doubt that we as consumers have little time to waste online shopping – so many products to compare, so many websites to browse – when we find something we want to order we want it NOW.  So make that possible.

This is not to denigrate the importance of your product pages – there, for the buyer who wants it, should be the full detail, multi views, zoom, and any other necessary information.  However give your customers the opportunity of buying without having to make another click and you’re likely to increase your sales.

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