Friday, 1 June 2012

Your LinkedIn Profile–Three Essential Updates to Make you More Interesting

Linkedin LogoAs of April 2012 over 2 million companies have LinkedIn company pages and there are more than 9 million individual members in the UK.  There are 150 million plus professional users around the world (

LinkedIn has fast become an essential tool for any professional and corporation, however there are many who simply don’t take the time to make sure that their profiles and pages represent their brand, or themselves, in the best possible way.  There are thousands, almost certainly millions of unfinished, badly written and poorly presented LinkedIn pages, sometimes from surprising sources.

If you are an individual on LinkedIn, here are three updates to do today, or over the weekend, and updates you should without a doubt make time for.

1.   Your profile picture.  Don’t try and duck this one.  You may think it unnecessary for a number of reasons, but you are more likely to get interest if you have a reasonably professional looking picture on LinkedIn rather than an empty box.  No picture and you will undoubtedly find it harder to gain traction and connections, let alone business, from LinkedIn.

2.   Your past history.  For any prospective employer your resume is essential and LinkedIn is one way of telling people what you’ve done in the past – it’s a kind of informal resume that can generate interest and is constantly available.

Of interest also is how long you have remained in any position, those who hop about are less likely to be the next best thing for a large corporation than those who have stayed for a while.  Make sure that your past history is clear, well written and interesting as well as being informative.  Don’t use wordy paragraphs, no one reads them.  Use short paragraphs and bullet points if necessary and spell check as well as checking for grammatical errors.

3.   What you’re doing now – When was the last time you updated your current occupation?  We’re all guilty of leaving this too long, moving on and forgetting to tell the world.  You know immediately if this applies to you, if it does, get writing.

Someone, somewhere is out there searching for you and your abilities – make it easy for them to find you, and then when they do, make them want to get to know you.
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