Friday, 10 August 2012

Email Subject Lines–What are you talking about?

No I don’t mean the type of subject line you put on your newsletters.  I’m talking here about email subject lines for the every-day emails you send out all of the time.

The temptation is, even if you are changing the subject, talking about something completely different, to just click on the last email from your chosen recipient and ignore changing the subject line.  The problem here is that when you want to refer back, to find the email about this particular subject you won’t be able to, because it will have an inaccurate subject line.

To make life easy and clear in this age of ever increasing virtual communication I suggest you look at the subject line of each and every email you send.  Forget being in a hurry, this will pay huge dividends later, trust me, I know these things.  Make sure that your subject line refers exactly to the subject in the body of your email and don’t click and send without doing so.

We all do it, it’s far too easy.  But it’s time to talk specifics.

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