Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Website Usability - Personalised Gifts Specialist Make it Personal Launches a New Website


Personalised Gifts website Make it Personal offers gifts such as engraved gifts, wine gifts, personalised mugs and photo frames plus an exclusive range of birthday banners plus personalised gifts for kids including Fifi and the Flowertots and Roary the Racing Car, and has just launched their new website at www.makeitpersonal.co.uk  – offering a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how poor website usability worked against them on the original website and is greatly enhanced on the new.

This is the original home page.

Old MIP 3

Make it Personal were generating reasonable traffic to their website via their SEO program but the conversion rate was very low.  And most were leaving from the home page. 

On looking into the home page usability it wasn’t too difficult to identify the changes that were needed;

  • The site needed to be focused on the mainly female audience, buying gifts for family and friends.
  • The home page was far too busy and confusing – a more simple and clear design was required.
  • The website speed needed improving 
  • The buying path required clarifying
  • The onsite search needed improvement
  • Website security needed to be more obvious 
  • The website lacked a sign-up box to encourage customer communication

Make it Personal decided to go for a redesign and the new site has just launched.  If you compare the usability between the original site and the new you can see clearly the improvements. 

The whole feel of the site is much more modern, clean and attractive, right through from the home page to the check-out pages and it is directed to the gift buying female audience.  The navigation is very clear, helping visitors to find what they’re looking for in just a very few clicks - there’s also a much wider choice of personalised gifts on offer.

Here’s the new home page…

MIP Home Page Banner Area

MIP New website 2

MIP New Website 3

The footer area is beautifully clear, containing all of the social media links, newsletter sign-up, security logos, payment gateways and utilities. 

Make it Personal is now poised to grow in a busy market but one which is full of websites that are not as well designed as this one now is.

The jury’s out of course, as the site has just launched, but there are no inhibitors here against a fast track to higher conversions.

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