Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Is your Contact Us Page Losing you Sales

It may well be.  One of the most important areas of making your website attractive to visitors and customers to shop from is your Contact Us page.  There’s no getting away from it.  We need to be able to contact you.  Properly.  Not on some form (although you can have that as well) but, if need be, we need to be able to send you snail mail, email or even pick up the phone and give you a call.  Yes seriously.

There are still e-commerce businesses out there who don’t understand the importance of letting the consumer know that they can get in touch.  Here are two Contact Us pages I came across recently;

contact lenses
Which one would you choose to purchase from?

The importance of good customer communication cannot be underestimated.  Leave out one facet of this, from your clear contact details to how you respond and you will inevitably lose sales, deservedly so. 

Customers today are ever more demanding in terms of price, range, quality of service. Make sure your service doesn’t let you down, and communication is part of that.

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