Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ten Tips to Selling Products on the Web

Bijoux Heart Cuff If you want to sell your products on the web you have to realise that they, whatever they are, are your ‘heroes’.  This is why when you look at the most successful e-commerce sites you see the products first and foremost and everything else is secondary, although great navigation obviously helps (understatement).

Flash, over-clever intro pages – which will slow down your website and lose you more visitors than you could possibly guess – colourful backgrounds, over use of different fonts and general clutter will distract the eye and stop your visitors from doing what you really want them to do, which is to click buy.  They will only do that when they’ve got up close and personal to your products.  So you need to make it easy for them.
Here are my top ten tips to selling products on the web:

Lose any slow loading flash intros – visitors won’t even get to your products.

Get rid of coloured or patterned backgrounds to your website as a whole.  They will distract from your products.

Invest in high quality product photography, preferably with nothing more than drop down shadows as distraction.

Always show products on a uniform background unless you are deliberately using lifestyle shots throughout.
Vivienne Westwood Tartan Handbag

Show several view of each product, including close-ups and model shots as well as stills where appropriate.  One shot of a product is not enough.

Allow people to zoom in as close as they want to (or is possible).
Amara Zoom Dl Candle

Show close-up detail shots – these can also add atmosphere

Give clear information about each product, well written and without typos

On your product page layout ensure that the product is what stands out, that your main picture is clear enough and large enough.

Show each product in each colourway offered. These become separate products, heroes in their own right, and you can’t know which will be your best seller unless you show the colour options.

Unless you do all of the above you will find it difficult to complete on the web.  Content is King, as they say, and the way you show your products is part of your content.  Combine the above with clear navigation and a good range and you’ll be in with a chance.
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