Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cyber Monday – What’s it all About?

Hold on a moment do I hear you say?  Wasn’t that………a few days ago?  Well yes it was if you’re in the US, where ‘Cyber Monday’ is traditionally the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend, when shoppers go for broke online.

This year, according to Mashable/IBM, Cyber Monday sales in the US increased by 30% on the previous year and 18% of shoppers used a mobile device, up 70% from the previous year.

So how does that affect us in the UK?  Our ‘Cyber Monday’ is anticipated to be Monday 3rd December, and the start of a two week online shopping bonanza with shoppers expected to spend over 4.6bn pounds.  The day itself has been predicted by Experian Hitwise to be ‘the busiest day ever in online retail history’ with visits expected to be up 36% on last year.

Those who are the most likely to be in a position to take advantage of this online shopping bonanza will have honed their offer over the past year, speeded up the customer journey and reinforced brand values with a clear well marketed and competitive multichannel offer and regardless of whether shoppers use PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Those who have spent the year wondering how to improve their websites, and why customers visit and leave without buying will be left far behind. It’s time to take action, if only to benefit in 2013.  With online taking over sales from traditional outlets it’s time to join in the game.  And it may be too late for this year, but there’s more growth to come in the next.

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