Friday, 2 November 2012

Meta Keywords for SEO – Should you or Shouldn’t You?

Working with a client on her SEO on an about to be launched website I checked on the automated Meta tags that had been set up and saw that the default included Meta Keywords.  Now just in case you’re not sure you frequently have the option of completing the following Meta information:
Title Tag – The top line of your browser that everyone sees from visitor to Google.  Essential optimisation and don’t think you can get away with what you were doing a year ago.  The structure has changed.

Meta Description – The snippet of text that encourages people who find you on Search to visit your website………or not, and that can be written by you or taken from your site by Google.

Meta Keywords – The space you can stuff with every relevant or near to relevant keyword related (or not)  to the page that you’re optimising.

Google, via Matt Cutts, of the Google Search Quality Team has quite clearly stated that it does not use Meta Keywords ‘Google doesn't use the "keywords" meta tag in our web search ranking.’ See the whole post above and ignore any conflicting current rumours you may read with regards to News Keywords (and I won’t go on to confuse you) as they don’t apply to you.

Google has the lion’s share of the UK search market, in August at 91% so whatever Google says you want to follow, whether you agree or not.  And watch out as Google is quite capable of changing its mind, just not today.  You cannot just ‘optimise’ your website, sit back and relax, you have to constantly work at it.

So whatever you are doing with your SEO lose the Meta Keywords.  The only thing that may happen is that you get penalized, by someone, some day, for keyword stuffing or use of page irrelevant keywords.  And if you spot a developer putting them in point him at this post.  And ask him why he’s doing it.
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