Friday, 23 November 2012

Successful Email Marketing – When to Use Images

If you’re anything like me, you’re flooded with emails trying to sell to you.  Most of the time, when you take a quick look, all you see is the headline and blank spaces where the images will go should you choose to download them.

You will give yourself approximately two seconds to decide if you want to take a look at the images offered, and that decision will be completely based on the strength of the headline and the first couple of lines of content.

There’s a huge danger in designers making images the heroes of email newsletters because frequently they’re never seen.  The most successful newsletters I have ever sent for clients have a strong headline, a simple but engaging graphic that is not too deep and content with lots of links through to best selling product areas.

The next time you design an email campaign, imagine that whoever looks at it will not do the following:
a)  Open your images
b)  Scroll down
c)  Do anything other than read your headline and the first couple of lines of your content (if you haven’t pushed it too far down the page with a large image).
And decide if you would open it if it was sent to you.  If not, stop trying so hard and start again.  Simple is frequently best.
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