Tuesday, 18 December 2012

5 Essentials of Great Taglines

Your tagline or mission statement or strapline (whichever you call it) is the short punchy phrase or sentence that sums you up, and sits somewhere near your logo.  The importance of a great tagline can’t be ignored.  It says who you are in a very few words, and it tells your visitors if they’ve found what they’re looking for instantly.

It’s very easy, when you’re creating your own website and trying to be ‘clever’, to be over clever with this incredibly important piece of your home page real estate.  Let me repeat.  Great taglines are clear.  Very.  Any opacity and the meaning may be lost on everyone who visits your website.

Don’t ever forget that you only have a very few seconds to grab someone’s attention when they arrive at your home page.  2 or 3.  And if they don’t ‘get’ what you’re about almost instantly, you may have lost them.  After all, who has the time?

One of the most important messages I can get over to my clients is that clarity goes hand in hand with web usability. 

Here are 5 essentials of great taglines.

1.   They immediately tell people what they will find on your website
2.   They sum up who you are
3.   They are long enough to inform, but short enough to be scanned
4.   They make you different
5.   They convey a value proposition

Household names can make do without taglines, most websites can’t, make sure yours is lively, punchy and crystal clear.
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