Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas is Coming - 3 Things to do to your Website Right Now


Christmas is an exceedingly busy time for most retailers (hopefully) and particularly for those online.  In the rush of getting all your products up and the logistics of coping with what is expected to be the busiest Christmas ever this year online – with shoppers expected to spend 4.6bn online in the next two weeks and visits expected to be up on ‘Cyber Monday’ December 3rd, alone, by 36% over last year, the rush is well and truly on.

You, of course, want to be one of the winners this year, not one of the ‘maybe I’ll get it right next year’, so here are three things I recommend that you do to your website TODAY, to be ready for the onslaught.

Astley Clarke Home Page 
1.  Make your home page look inviting and festive.  Change those banners.  Invited visitors clearly into your store to look at those great ideas you have for them this year that are going to make their life easier.  Don’t waste their time, don’t make them search, take them by the hand and lead them straight in from your home page.

2.  Be totally clear about your Christmas services – again lead to a full information page from your home page. 

Your last order dates for Christmas – display this one on your home page
Your delivery options, from standard delivery to next day to ‘we’ll send it round in a cab for you’ (well of course not everyone can offer that one but you know what I mean).
If you offer gift wrap
If you ship internationally

Shout these from the rooftops with a Christmas banner or lead in that is obvious to the eye.  do not expect people to search – who has the time?

Send an email to your subscribers showing them your best selling gifts (not the ones you want get rid of, that won’t entice them in) but those that have a proven click and sales track record.  And also tell them about your services.  Tempt them, treat them, and get them to click through to your website.

And finally, if you’re not already doing this:

Clearly display your ‘this online retailer is to be trusted’ logos on your home page.  Don’t take it for granted, unless you’re a household name, that people will expect you to be a safe place to shop.  Make it obvious with accreditation schemes, awards, and payment card logos.

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