Thursday, 6 December 2012

How to Market Yourself Without Really Trying

How many times a day do you receive an email from someone and decide that the obvious action for you to take would be to call them?  You look fruitlessly for a telephone number and find nothing, which starts off a frustrating hunt for something that should be totally obvious.

Most of us don’t like to ‘sell’ ourselves, and despite being happy(ish) to sit in front of a TV camera or radio mike or even to stand up and talk to a large group of people we don’t really consider that ‘selling’, and yet of course it is.  But we’re happy to let slip the most obvious trick in the book, that of the email ‘signature’.

Email gives us all a huge opportunity to sell ourselves without really trying, to give our details, website address, graphics, email address and phone number to everyone we come into contact with.  And yet so many don’t use the chance.

Setting up your signature on your emails is a couple of seconds work and it’s well worth doing it properly and right now, making sure that you use the right font and layout to project your brand or style. 

I know what you’re saying…….but what if I don’t want to give them my phone number.  Simple, really, just hit delete.  Or don’t reply.  But make sure that those who you want to be able to contact you easily can do just that.

On another topic, but email related.  Change the subject line when you respond to someone about something specific and different from the original email.  The number of emails I have deleted as a result of an old, out of time subject line is countless. 

We all do things much too fast, particularly with email, and staying on track is the only thing that works in this fast paced virtual online world.

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