Thursday, 10 January 2013

Buffer App – The Twitter App you Really Need

Buffer App

I was helping one of my daughter’s friends with her LinkedIn profile last week and then we started talking about Twitter, and Tweetdeck, and Bufferapp (as you do when you’re like me and get carried away).

I take all of these for granted, using them every day, and somehow imaging that everyone uses them all – Tweetdeck (to me, anyway) as the best desktop Twitter software – you may disagree and please do – and Bufferapp, which I have installed on my PC and laptop to schedule my tweets and links as and when I need to.

By the way Bufferapp is not an excuse to not connect and respond to conversations on Twitter, any more than any of the other Twitter scheduling apps are, although sometimes they appear to be being used that way.  What it does do is make sharing links and blog posts incredibly easy. 

Buffer Logo

You set up your schedule of tweet times and then add to your ‘Buffer’ by using the downloaded bookmarklet which looks like the stack above.  Literally.  Reach the page you want to share… on the Buffer bookmarklet…..and voila – another added to your store.  You also have the opportunity to post to LinkedIn or Facebook, and to post immediately if you want to.

This is a very neat tool that I use every day so have a look and consider using it.  Particularly for days when you know that you’re not going to be sitting at your PC or laptop and don’t want to lose the flow, or when you’re travelling.

Set up a separate posting schedule for each application such as LinkedIn and Facebook, and make sure you deselect whichever you are not intending to post that particular link to otherwise you will end up posting to all.

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