Thursday, 3 January 2013

Create your Custom Twitter Header

 Twitter Custom Header

As social media becomes more and more developed it gets harder to keep up, and those who were at the forefront what seems a few moments ago are now lagging behind with old style URLs and blank Twitter headers. 

Yesterday I wrote about customizing your LinkedIn URL and today webhints is about creating your custom Twitter header.  For anyone who’s already designed and uploaded their Facebook Timeline cover pic – and who hasn’t – this should be a breeze, with a few things to note:

Your Twitter header should measure 520 x 260 px
Darker backgrounds will show up your profile content better than lighter ones
The busier your background, the harder your content will be to read.

This is a perfect opportunity to back-up your brand, although I still think that your profile content is what matters, so you want to make sure that it stands out.

You can use Adobe Photoshop to create your Twitter header, but if you find that complicated the alternative is the brilliantly simple  If you haven’t used it before have a play with different pictures, using the crop, rotate, re-size and, if you upgrade to the Royale version, remove blemishes and air brush your pics……..

Design a Custom Twitter Header
Pic Monkey
How to Customize your Twitter Header with Pic Monkey

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