Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to Get your Custom LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn Logo I was just going through some of my connections on LinkedIn and was amazed to see that so many, MDs of large companies, even online marketing and e-commerce advisers, had numbers after their names on their LinkedIn URLs looking something like this /0/17b/b46/.

This really doesn’t look good, particularly if you put your signature on your emails etc (ok I have a 1 after my URL at but that’s because someone else got there first).

It’s totally unnecessary to have this string of numbers after your name on your LinkedIn URL. 

To get your custom LinkedIn URL just click on ‘Settings’, on the drop down menu under your name, at the top on the right of your profile page.

Then go to ‘Edit your Public Profile’, underneath the ‘Settings’ header on the next page. 
Three quarters of the way down the right hand column you will see a header; ‘Your Public Profile URL’, go to ‘Customize your public profile URL’ underneath this and make your LinkedIn URL your own.  Get as close to your first and last name as possible.

Note:  This is not Facebook.  Avoid anything that is not totally straightforward here.  No nicknames, nothing daft.

For anyone who has not yet done this, this is a priority.  In the same way that your profile picture, your summary, your experience and great content count everywhere, customizing your LinkedIn URL makes it look as though a) you care and b) you know what you’re doing.

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