Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to Re-tweet your Blog Posts

How to Re-tweet

So you’ve spent hours researching and then writing an in-depth blog post containing valuable information you don’t want to disappear into the depths of your post stream without ever being seen again.  How to re-tweet this without being obvious is a conundrum.

Many would say that you should be creating new content all of the time, and so you should, however why should you lose something that you’ve worked so hard over, and why shouldn’t new readers (and old, who may have missed it the time before) be able to reap the advantages of your sage words…….?

I have read many times that obvious re-tweeting is bad and will lose you followers, and tried to make my most popular posts more interesting, I’ve re-tweeted using the original title, and also by thinking up something different, usually in a hurry.  Neither of these work very well.

Along comes Save Publishing by Paul Ford who many of you may know about but I only discovered recently, which is the answer on how to re-tweet and makes it so simple.  Save Publishing highlights re-tweetable excerpts from your posts in a new window.  Click on the one of your choice (and then you can alter it or edit completely) and post to your Twitter stream with your new quote/headline/snippet.

All snippets are of course 140 characters or less, To use Save Publishing click on the link and download the bookmarklet to your browser.  Read carefully some of the snippets, many of them don’t really make sense and you’ll think of your own, but that’s what this does – it sometimes comes up with snippets you’ll want to use, and otherwise provides food for thought.  Either way it’s well worth taking a look at.

You can post your tweet immediately or send it to Buffer.  And more about Buffer tomorrow.  Surely the most useful Twitter app…….

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