Friday, 25 January 2013

How to Show your Website Names in your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Website Links 2 You may notice, if you click on various LinkedIn profiles’ contact info, that underneath the links to Twitter you most often see this, which is hardly informative unless you can be bothered to click through.

LinkedIn Website Links What you may not already know is that you can make this space your own and improve your profile instantly by making your website information obvious and your profile page much more distinctive.  I wrote about this recently, but as part of a larger piece about optimising your LinkedIn profile and I felt that it deserved a post of its own, as this, again, is something that everyone should do.

To include not only the name of your website or blog, but also some extra anchor text which is helpful from not only a descriptive but SEO point of view, you need to do the following:
Click through to ‘Edit Contact Info’ in Edit your Profile mode.  You will see your websites and blog listed, usually with the prefix - ‘My Website’, or ‘My Blog’.
Click on the edit icon beside your top website.

LinkedIn Website Link Options 3
Click on ‘Other’ in the drop down menu, and you will see that an extra box appears – here you can add the actual name of your website, plus a relevant keyword or phrase to go with it.  Two pieces of optimised anchor text for the price of one. 
Also don’t forget to make sure that you have your unique LinkedIn profile URL.  Click through to this post to find out how.

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