Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How to Write Title Tags for 2013

Your title tag is the single most important tag on your web page and is the hero of your SEO.  It not only contains the keywords and phrases that are directly relevant to each page, but it tells everyone, from web visitor to search engine alike, what that page is about. 

The most important rules are:

Don’t make your title tag longer than 65 characters
Put the most important keyword or phrase at the front
Each title tag must be unique (do not duplicate)
Do not keyword stuff your title tag.
Use the pipe bar | (shift forward slash) as a divider between key words and phrases
Consider the readability for users of your title tag.

There are two thoughts on actual construction, one includes pipe bars to divide your title tag into key phrases, and the other does not.  If you’re not sure which to follow - and neither will lose you ranking - create a sentence containing your main key phrase at the front, followed by a readable second phrase and then either use a pipe bar or not before your brand name. 

I prefer not to, but this is not an exact, perfect world.  The emphasis is on relevancy and readability, stick to both of those and you shouldn’t go wrong.

Writing Great Title Tags for Google
The Importance of Great Title Tags
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