Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Google Keyword Research Tool–5 Reasons to Keep it Close.

Google Keyword Research Tool

The Google keyword research tool is a tool that everyone who is writing content for the web in any way shape or form, whether website or blog, should keep close.
Note that whether or not you intend to use the Google keyword research tool for Adwords, and you don’t have to, if you want access you have to sign up first.

There are several reasons for using this incredibly useful tool – here are my top 5.

1. It's free. Totally, absolutely free - so there's really no excuse not to make use of it.  Just sign up for an Adwords account if you haven’t already and the tool is yours to use every time you write content.

2. It's extremely simple to use.  Just experiment and you’ll see what I mean.

3. It will show you what people are actually searching for, rather than what you think they are. For example - you may think that you should be calling one of your categories 'Fashion Footwear'. It has a good ring to it with a bit of alliteration thrown in for good measure, but take a look at the results in the keyword tool and you'll discover that there were more searches for 'Fashion Shoes'.

Which term should you use, several times over from your title tag to your header to your content? Well obviously - Fashion Shoes.  Or should you, as you’ll notice that the competition for both of these terms is high, both globally and locally.

4. Beat the competition – Rather than just going for the keyword phrase that has more searches, if it is highly competitive (which means that you’re going to have a real job getting up there in the rankings) go further down the search page and look for terms which reflect your products where there is low competition. 

To make this easy click on the Competition tab at the top of the Keyword Ideas you get along with the results of your own search, until you have all the Low ranked keywords and phrases at the top.  Preferably, if you can, pick one of those.  You’ll find getting to the top of Google so much easier.

5. It will save you money - cosy up to the Google keyword research tool before you start spending money on Adwords or any other type of paid marketing. You will be throwing money away if you don't get your SEO right first, and this is one of the most important ways.

Once you've established what people are searching for, and how to use the tool, you'll never look back.

To use the Google keyword research tool, as I said above, you need to sign up for a Google Account which, because I'm sure you're all already using analytics (!), you probably already have. Then just go to the keyword tool and start using it before you write anything.

If you aren't already using the keyword tool have a play with it as soon as possible, everyone who writes content for the web needs to keep it close.  There are other ways of using the tool but these are the basics, I’ll cover the others in more posts about this invaluable tool.
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