Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Browser Check Tools: The Importance of Checking All Browsers

Browser Testing on Browsershot
When did you last do a cross browser check?  I’ll bet it was a while ago.

This morning I went on a luxury brand website as it was developed by a company I know.  It’s a slightly simpler website than I would have expected for the brand, and there are ways in which it could be improved to my mind, mainly tweaks, but what surprised me the most, and what throws out the elegant navigation on every single page on this website – as it’s persistent navigation we’re talking about here – is the fact that in my version of Firefox the main category navigation doesn’t go right across, but creates two lines, whereas in Chrome and IE there is one, as intended, at least on the versions that I looked at.

This brings me to the importance of a browser check for everyone, as code will look different in various browsers, and you need to ensure a consistent look across all browsers.  In this case the lack of a browser check made the website, in certain browsers, look unprofessional, and this is a brand that would hate that.

I looked into free browser tools you might like to try, and this was my favourite.

Browsershots – this website will test a huge number of different browsers for you, however the site is distracting and filled with advertising.  Get past that and you’ll get some very interesting results.  You can only ask for a certain number of free screenshots in a day (reasonable) – if you want priority processing you have to sign up properly and pay.

Never assume, however large or small you are, that your website pages work on all browsers, they probably don’t.  Browser check is one more task to add to your list.

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