Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Home Page Tips - Three Things to do to your Home Page Today

Writing home page tips always takes me back to my own websites, where I always find things that need doing, urgently.  Ever wonder why you’re not making the rankings in Google?  It will most likely be because of something you haven’t done.  I know in my case it always is.

The first home page tip is to check your title tag and description.  You may not have done this for a while, or you may think the last time you looked that it was fine, it had several keywords in it, separated by dashes and your brand name front or back.  Well forget about that.  Identify the one, medium to low competition keyword that best sums up your website, and put it at the front of your title tag in a sentence.  

Forget about trying to go for more than one keyword, Google is looking for concise relevancy and keyword stuffing will get you right down the page rankings.  You need to do this right through your website but start with your home page.  And don’t think that your keyword competition won’t change, it will, so you need to keep this one up to date.

Second home page tip is check that all of your links are working.  They may well be, but a duff link on your home page, on a banner that no longer works, or a link to a page within your site (or externally for that matter) will tell people that you can’t be bothered.  If you can’t, they won’t.

Thirdly, just how up to date are you?  Christmas is over.  Valentine’s Day soon will be.  But there are still so many websites out there with the word Christmas…..and even worse Christmas Deliveries staring you in the face on the home page.  Again it’s a matter of relevancy and appearing professional and on the ball. 

Check all of these three immediately and I’ll be back with more home page and website tips.
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