Wednesday, 20 February 2013

How to Quickly Block Twitter Spam - Twitblock


Twitblock You may or may not follow everyone who follows you on Twitter – and I advise you not to unless you’re happy to collect a whole pile of useless….worse….spammy followers, but who has the time to go through and get rid of the ones you really don’t want?

This morning I received a notification from someone who apparently had a proper name, a picture, and a well written bio, with a link in it which looked useful.  Just about to click something in my head cried out STOP!!!!!  So I hesitated, checked on the number of followers (usually, I cannot say always, a good indication) and blocked them, reporting them as spam as I went.

So first lesson to anyone who doesn’t take the time to check is don’t click on links from people unless you trust them and second lesson is check how many followers they have, regardless of their profile.  If it’s a ridiculously low number (it’s usually 1 or 2 hapless souls) don’t click, don’t follow, immediately block.

A useful tool for checking your followers ratings and whether they’re ‘in good faith’ is  Depending on how fast your PC is, and if you have a lot of followers, it’ll take a while to run right through your list, but it’s worth it to get rid of the junk.

Twitblock looks for duplicate pictures, aggressive following and whether the profile has been blocked by others.  It doesn’t know who all the spammers are, inevitably, but produces a score based on junk characteristics which helps it to identify the likely baddies.

This is a useful app and well worth using, however the most important message here to anyone on Twitter is – don’t click on links unless you’re absolutely sure they can be trusted – you never know what you might unleash.

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