Sunday, 3 February 2013

Product Pages – 5 Best Practices

Forzieri Zoom
This is the first of several posts about and around product pages and product page design, and part of a presentation I’ve written for the NEC Spring Fair next week.

Product pages have moved on enormously over the past few years, and the best practice standard has pretty well been set.  However this means that if you’re going to get the optimal performance from each of your product pages you have to work extremely hard.  It’s not enough to create a clear and simple home page – there are some things we have now come to expect on product pages, particularly from the larger e-commerce retailers, and when we arrive at a site that doesn’t include them we wander off quickly.  One of the reasons for so many abandoned shopping carts is poorly designed product pages.

Inevitably product page photography is extremely important, and we all know that one great shot just isn’t enough any more, we want to see a product from as many angles, and in as much detail, as possible.  We also now look for (and are coming to expect), large zoom, 360 spin, video (where appropriate) and each and every product shown in each and every colourway.

Amara Product Page

Here are my first 5 Essentials for Great Product Pages. 

Main information and photography is above the fold.
Each product is shown in each colourway
Offer detail thumbnails of each product
Zoom is as large and clear as possible
Title, Price and Add to Bag are given priority.

The main point of all of this is that each of the best practice items you add to your product pages in terms of information or functionality will increase your conversion rate, many times by a large amount.  There are no short cuts to great product pages.  If you want to be seriously successful and compete online you need to include everything, there’s a reason why they’re called essentials.

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