Thursday, 14 March 2013

3 Reasons why you need Customer Reviews on your Website

Stars You may not even realise you’re doing it, but you are likely to stay longer on a website, take its offering more seriously and to buy from it if you can read real customer reviews.  In fact 61% of us read online reviews before making the decision to buy, which makes it imperative that any e-commerce site looking for success offers reviews.

The first reason why you need to offer customer reviews is that it increases trust.  Potential customers don’t want to hear what you, the retailer has to say about your products, they know you think they’re wonderful, or you’re going to say so any way.  We’ve moved a long way from accepting brochure pics of hotel rooms or marketing blurb.  Savvy buyers that we’ve now become we’re not only looking for the best price, but we want to hear what other purchasers have to say, to look at their pictures, and to hear both the good news and the bad.

On that point I have often had debates with clients over their worries about showing reviews, as it’s inevitable that not all will be good.  Offer 100% good reviews and no one’s going to believe you.  A balance of good and bad reviews (and how you answered and resolved problems) will get you far more Brownie points, believe me.  And show that you care about your customers’ experiences.

The second reason is that you will increase sales.  We now look for reviews, and we’re far more likely to buy from a site that offers them to the point that we disregard manufacturers marketing content and look for real time comments and discussions.  According to Reevoo, offering customer reviews can deliver as much as an 18% uplift in sales which includes basic conversion, shopping basket size and customer return.

Customer Reviews help SEO – compare two websites offering the same product.  One has the basic product information which tends not to be updated.  The other offers customer reviews delivering updated content to the page on a regular basis – just what Google is looking for.  The winner in the rankings will be the site that is constantly updated with relevant product comments and information.

As I said above, you may not even realise you’re doing it, but you are now actively looking to see what other say about a product or service before you decide to splash the cash, and you may well be reviewing products yourself, so make sure that you’re offering customer reviews on your website and allow your customers to join the conversation.

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