Thursday, 21 March 2013

5 Steps to Optimising your Product Pages

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Website optimisation doesn’t begin and end with your home page.  Each product page you have is a landing page in its own right, and if you want to benefit from organic search, and not rely on paid advertising such as Adwords, then you need to pay attention to your product pages as they can produce great rewards, not just from getting people straight to the product they’re looking for, but getting them to your website, your brand, and all your other products.

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Think about what you have called your products before you start optimisation.  If you choose a product title that no one is searching for you’re not taking advantage of the easiest way to get people to your page.  Use the Google Keyword Tool and write product titles that make sense, but also contain keywords that are being searched for, hopefully with less than high competition, although this is getting harder and harder.

For example;  One client is offering a certain type of scarf on their website, one which is being searched for, with medium competition.  However the search term was not being used in the product name.  I therefore included the search term in each product title for that type of product.  They were all different titles as they included the individual names as well, however the keyword stood out and these products are now regularly appearing on page 1 in Google.

Make sure you include the keyword you have researched for that product in your title tag, and at the front.  Make your title tag readable by people looking at your website as well as for search and don’t stuff your title tag with keywords.  One is enough, plus your individual product name which makes your title tag unique. 

Then create a description to go with your title tag in the meta data, including your keyword/s near the front.

You already have your keyword or phrase in your product title.  So write some product copy again which includes your keyword or phrase. Make it relevant and interesting and depending on the length, use your keyword up to three times.  Don’t cut this short if you want people to arrive at your page.

Finally make sure that your image has an alt tag containing your keyword.This may sound like a lot of work, and it is, and more depending on the number of products you have.  Start with your five best sellers in each category or product group and watch them rise in Google.  Bringing new business to your website for free.
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