Friday, 15 March 2013

How Facebook Timeline is Changing Again

Not content with changing the News page on Facebook, your Facebook Timeline is about to change again as well to become more streamlined and simplified.  Anyone fall over yet?

Facebook is returning (happily) to a single column timeline as an option, with all other activity moving over into the left hand column - does that sound like a backward step?  Yes, but an improvement all the same - as with  modernising the pages at the same time Facebook is finally going with web usability as a priority and making pages easier to read.

The emphasis will be on the wider column on the right for updates and a narrower column for About, Friends, Likes and Photos.  About will be directly underneath your picture and there will be more scope for adding information on likes, interests and apps.

I personally think this will be an improvement - we've never liked the double column Timeline, which made it difficult to keep posts in chronological order, let alone read two columns at the same time, so thank you Facebook - we'll go with this update - until you roll out the next one of course.

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